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Welcome! I’m Charlotte.

I help dreamers like you turn ideas into reality. Artful Design & WordPress Websites are my jam. Designing & Styling Brands is my passion.

Let’s make something together!

My Work.

{All of the projects below are sites that I either fully developed both the brand identity & web presence for, or collaborated with that company's established team to make something awesome together. Enjoy!}

brand designer

|brand dəˈzīnər| noun

a person who plans the form, look, and workings of a brand.

brand stylist

|brand ˈstīləst| noun

a person whose job is to arrange and coordinate the assets of a brand in a stylish and attractive way.

You have amazing ideas, but you don’t know how to communicate those in visual way that is cohesive and consistent. That is where Lotta’s Web come in.

My mission is to take your ideas, and expand, curate, and style them, so that together we can bring your dreams to life for all the world to see.

My process.


I collaborate with you to dig into your business goals & ideas, and brainstorm with you to create a brand identity that is truly unique.


Together we nail down the visual & philosophical framework of what makes your brand YOURS.


Pulling from what we expanded & curated, I design and style your brand identity & assets, and equip you with the visual tools to help you stand out in the world.

let's talk about you.

Have a project you would like to discuss with me? I would love to set up a time to talk about how my skills can help turn your ideas into a reality.

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